Buffalo Optical Contact Lenses


Buffalo Optical has specialized in contact lenses since 1965.

Our licensed contact lens staff focus full-time on contact lens fitting and procedures. This allows them to provide expert, individualized care.

The contact lens fitting is based on a case history and analysis of your current prescription, lifestyle, vocational needs, and eye health. We will spend the necessary time with you to ensure and establish the proper contact lens design and material for your eyes along with the personal instructions regarding insertion and removal techniques. We consider continued supervision of these medical devices to be most important in your pursuit of long-term good visual acuity, comfort, and eye health with contact lenses.

We offer a wide range of contact lenses and options:
• Soft contact lenses/silicone lenses • Daily disposable lenses
• Aspheric soft lenses • Eye color enhancing and changing lenses
• Rigid gas-permeable lenses • Hybrid lenses
• Bifocal contact lenses • Keratoconus
• Monovision fitting • Medically prescribed lenses
• Astigmatic/toric contact lenses

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